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    Hey little child, where are you going with a feeble mind?Stay in my arms, in front of me, where you are mine and I am yours, only. I will keep you safe, away from here in a world another. The world; It’s a treacherous place for a child to be alone.Duped smiles and hoax stories roam around, nasty souls with foul tongues are easily found.Oh, kid, it’s not a safe place to be alone, it is jinxed. They say some words to youand you forget all my lessons.Their words provide breath to youand then you suffocate in mine.All of a sudden you are a friend of them, and in only…

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    That Child On The Street

    On a radiant day,Passing by a local streetI see a kid with plentiful goodies,Persistently trying to get them soldEyes are dry, not moistened with hope. Gets abused for working hard,Jerked off like it’s his routine’s part.Barefoot in the grueling heat,With every denial, his heart silently weeps. Empty stomach, heart contented with sorrow,He drags his body, seeking a better tomorrow,He demands no toys, no clothes, no wealthy possessions,He is just on a quest,to feed himself with food and love. That’s all he asks for. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    A Horryfying Tale Of Blood

    Out of all the horrific things that do exist in this terrific world, blood tests are the most spine shivering. All I have ever asked the medical researchers is that to look out for a better alternative. Anything is better than injecting syringes and taking out your hard earned blood. My blood is my blood, it is none of your blood. I cannot imagine myself to be brave enough ever to happily arrive at the place of blood evaluation and spreading my arms for the injection. They drag me while I cry. Have you ever seen the smile on the faces of models advertising the laboratory? That is the fakest…

  • Kavita,  Motivation

    Tu Ruk Mat

    Tu ruk mat, abhi toh bohot chalna hai.Zameen par tu hai aaj, tujhe shikhar tak pohochna hai. Abhi toh bas takraya hai kankaro se, tujhe toh pahado se ladna hai.Talab ki lehro se tujhe samundro me tairna hai.Tu ruk mat, abhi toh bohot chalna hai. Lage kaante bhi nange pao me, toh tujhe rakt se savarna hai,Yeh raasta hai kitaab teri, tujhe har mod par kuch samajhna hai,Dhoop ko bighona hai tujhe, baarish ko bujhana hai.Tu din ki roshni hai, tujhe raat me bhi chamakna hai.Tu ruk mat, abhi toh bohot chalna hai. Makhmal se bahar tujhe, jahadiyo me lipatna hai,Har mukaam par tujhe khud ko parakhna hai,Khwaabo me aayi…

  • Kavita


    Do kadam ki doori hai bas, Aur vahan rehta mera bhai hai,Paraye bhi juda na kar sake jisey,Uss rishtey me dooriya apno ne laayi hai. Arey unn din toh hum garam halaaton me bhi, mauj me hua karte the.Shhor tha sheher me toh hum mandir-mazjido me shaanti dhoonda karte the.Mai subah pooja me yaad karta unhe, voh har shaam namaz padha karta tha,Naa khuda milta, naa ishwar hum aapas me hi sukoon paaya karte the. Bandha hua tha desh jab, aur hum khul kar sapne dekha karte the,Vahan uss kone me hogi dono ki ek dukaan, befazul naam bhi rakha karte the.Ghar ird gird hi the, kabhi voh maa ki…

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    Help them bloom!

      Whenever someone asks your feedback, try to be as much positive as you can be. Obviously, do not negate the mistakes. Point them out in a decent fashion. Once a person starts thinking he or she is best, they will restrict themselves from growing. It will stunt their achievements. Growing is never enough. You can always get better. Point out the things they can work on. Tell them to get better but not that they are worst. Give them hope, don’t steal it from them. A bud not showered with water and love would resist blooming. If it is not good enough, how would it ever be if they…

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    To the perils of demons, She always became the prey, Her eyes shed the sorrow in silent, Her rainbow world had become grey. An epitome of beauty, a pioneer of her realm, All have been shadowed By deep scars of her past. Vexatious marks on wrists, Profound scratches that she still endures, Banishing of angst through grinding teeth and taut fists, Illness of mental health which she yet procures. Ashamed, fragile, broken in pieces Constricted to a block in a dark corner, Where the lights struggle to reach, She has planned a times the lessons she Aspires to courageously teach. Shallow brains, empty hearts, nasty eyes, Gruesome bodies, All against…

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    When the world will be asleep drowned in their dreams, you will be awake to work for your dream. When the people will be entertaining themselves, you will be entertaining your books. When everyone will be watching movies, you will be making content for your biography. When no one will have faith in you, you would not leave yourself alone. You will never stop believing yourself. When everyone will be laughing at your failure, instead of crying you will be working hard to glorify your parents’ name again. When people will be narrating stories of their success, you will look for inspiration and not grief. When people will be telling you what you cannot do, with ears closed you…

  • Open Letter

    To a younger sibling, from an older one.

    I welcome you to this beautiful world you just stepped on. You may not know how lucky you are to possess life. Death makes us cry and life sparks us with pleasure. You are too young to decipher the codes of nature, in fact, we all are, too new, too kid to comprehend the nature itself. You are one in a billion if we consider only The Earth and if we talk about The Universe, You are very petite. So you are a lot lucky to exist, just like us. I am not very experienced to tell you or to teach you what life is, I am just 17 years older…

  • Musings

    Kahin Kuch Kho Gaya Hai.

    Kahin kuch kho gaya hai shayad, Daudte hue kab nange pero me joote aa gaye, Kab khulli jebo par taale aa gaye, Kab poochna chhod kar, bataana shuruu ho gaya, Iss badlaav me shayad kuch ghum sa ho gaya. Shayad bachpana hi khoya hai, Yeh masoom ab kuch bada hua hai, Hasna chhod kar, muskurana shuru hua hai, Rona bandh aur dukhi hona maamuli hua hai, Itni baagdaudh me shayad mera bachpana hi kahin laapata hua hai. -Gaurvi Sharma कहीं कुछ खो गया है शायद, दौड़ते हुए कब नंगे पैरों में जूतें आ गए, कब खुली जेबो पर ताले आ गए, कब पूछना छोड़, बताना आरंभ कर दिया, इस बदलाव…

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