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    Hear Yourself!

    This world is way bigger than our society think it is. Becoming an Engineer, Doctor is not the only road to success but one of the road to success. Earning enough money to feed your family is not success, accomplishing the desired aim is. People love listening melodious voices of the greatest singers but don’t want their kids to become one. They do watch talent shows but not the latent talent in their youngster! For them the options are limited and the path is certain. Okay, Suppose you become a Doctor. For your family members, Relatives, Neighbours you’re successful. But you wanted to become an Actor! In spite of all…

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    Wait, What? I am 16!

      While pushing the ground swiftly with my feet to set the swing into motion I was entertaining myself by looking at the pretty little kids playing. The milk-teeth smile on their faces, cherishness in their eyes, Sound of the giggles made me smile. But the smile faded away as soon as I realized that I am not a kid anymore. I am not too older to be called an adult and also I am not too young to be referred as a kid; I am the one in between: An Adolescent. I was too busy living the present that I didn’t care to notice the changes. Not every but a lot of…

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