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    Hello, Everyone! Have you ever wondered why don’t we all look same? Don’t bring in Science. Would there be beauty if all did look same? No. Diversity is beautiful, its unique, it’s amazing. Would not it be mundane to look same faces, sizes, colors around? Respect diversity. Different flaws are making us differently beautiful. Do not try to hide them or kill them, flaunt them. ♥ Have a great day, beautiful people! 🙂

  • Poems

    An Older Childhood

        At an age of 80, My boyhood is back, Unleashed from duties, Divorced with stress. Heart craves for junk, Playing with kids seems fun, Mind innocently thinks, And I often forget my things. I weep a lot, Sometimes without a rhyme, or on a random thought. I laugh intensely, Even try to interpret serious things humorously. I love being surrounded, Suddenly an extrovert I have become, Loneliness scares me, The more, the merri-er. I want my mother every second, Just I can’t have her, But on every dear diary moment, I wish I was with her. I get sick easily, I need utmost care, I wish to rise…

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