• Open Letter

    To a younger sibling, from an older one.

    I welcome you to this beautiful world you just stepped on. You may not know how lucky you are to possess life. Death makes us cry and life sparks us with pleasure. You are too young to decipher the codes of nature, in fact, we all are, too new, too kid to comprehend the nature itself. You are one in a billion if we consider only The Earth and if we talk about The Universe, You are very petite. So you are a lot lucky to exist, just like us. I am not very experienced to tell you or to teach you what life is, I am just 17 years older…

  • Musings

    Kahin Kuch Kho Gaya Hai.

    Kahin kuch kho gaya hai shayad, Daudte hue kab nange pero me joote aa gaye, Kab khulli jebo par taale aa gaye, Kab poochna chhod kar, bataana shuruu ho gaya, Iss badlaav me shayad kuch ghum sa ho gaya. Shayad bachpana hi khoya hai, Yeh masoom ab kuch bada hua hai, Hasna chhod kar, muskurana shuru hua hai, Rona bandh aur dukhi hona maamuli hua hai, Itni baagdaudh me shayad mera bachpana hi kahin laapata hua hai. -Gaurvi Sharma कहीं कुछ खो गया है शायद, दौड़ते हुए कब नंगे पैरों में जूतें आ गए, कब खुली जेबो पर ताले आ गए, कब पूछना छोड़, बताना आरंभ कर दिया, इस बदलाव…

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