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    Help them bloom!

      Whenever someone asks your feedback, try to be as much positive as you can be. Obviously, do not negate the mistakes. Point them out in a decent fashion. Once a person starts thinking he or she is best, they will restrict themselves from growing. It will stunt their achievements. Growing is never enough. You can always get better. Point out the things they can work on. Tell them to get better but not that they are worst. Give them hope, don’t steal it from them. A bud not showered with water and love would resist blooming. If it is not good enough, how would it ever be if they…

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    To the perils of demons, She always became the prey, Her eyes shed the sorrow in silent, Her rainbow world had become grey. An epitome of beauty, a pioneer of her realm, All have been shadowed By deep scars of her past. Vexatious marks on wrists, Profound scratches that she still endures, Banishing of angst through grinding teeth and taut fists, Illness of mental health which she yet procures. Ashamed, fragile, broken in pieces Constricted to a block in a dark corner, Where the lights struggle to reach, She has planned a times the lessons she Aspires to courageously teach. Shallow brains, empty hearts, nasty eyes, Gruesome bodies, All against…

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