A Horryfying Tale Of Blood

Out of all the horrific things that do exist in this terrific world, blood tests are the most spine shivering. All I have ever asked the medical researchers is that to look out for a better alternative. Anything is better than injecting syringes and taking out your hard earned blood. My blood is my blood, it is none of your blood. I cannot imagine myself to be brave enough ever to happily arrive at the place of blood evaluation and spreading my arms for the injection. They drag me while I cry.

Have you ever seen the smile on the faces of models advertising the laboratory? That is the fakest thing I have ever witnessed. Kids, donโ€™t fall for it. Anything that is happy about that place is leaving it. No one smiles there, not even the people who take the blood, drop a slight smile to calm my fear. This is not their fault, their job has done this to them. That place is mental torture. All the stress I have in my life comes through that wicked place of partly murderers.

I somehow from motivational videos gather meager courage for the blood giving ceremony, I give my sample and then when my courage is long gone to help some other poor victim of vicious thirsty syringes, then the doctor prescribes more tests to me. Just give all the tests at once, kya malum kal courage ho na ho? Dear doctor, thodarehamkarein, before pleading for the blood test report, kindly think twice or thrice, it may one day kill me. Aapke ghar me maa, beti, beta, papa nahi hai kya?

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This post does not mean to offend anyone. Take it lightly. Thank you for reading. Have a great day!


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