A letter to a self-murderer.

1The number of suicide cases is insanely increasing. Daily suicide cases shake up my nerve and make me feel numb. Leaving the well-known Blue Whale reason apart, students also end themselves up because they are in midst of stress and worries. Be the reason anything, there must be manifold solutions, suicide is never a ‘should-opt’. You are given birth as a human being, very powerful and wise; but you don’t consider this might(power) not enough to smack down your problems. You have a brain to think, heart strong enough to decide to kill yourself. Every day when you wake up, you have time to live, YOU HAVE LIFE. Our life is our most precious possession and you don’t want to own it. There are people who love you but it does not matter because you loathe yourself. You are young enough to reboot your life not old enough to end it. We all have problems, troubles we want to get rid of. Escaping is not the best solution. It’s the problems that escape, not you. Dr. Alexis Carrel quoted, ‘Those who do not know how to fight worries, die young.’ Suicide does not end problems, it ends you. Get yourself out of the murky state and live in this beautiful colourful world. Get out of the ambit of abetting thoughts. You kill yourself once, your loved ones feel stabbed every day. Pain will remain etched in their hearts lifelong. You’re a champion, my dear friend; win over your worries. Kill them before they kill you.


Kaafi anmol hoti hai Zindagi,

Lee tune jaan naa lautegi yeh Zindagi.

Hai khushkismat tu joh yeh pal hai tere paas,

Jinhone ki khatam voh pachtaate honge aaj bhi.

Maa kaa voh khaana jiske dimaag me aate hi pet gudgudaata hai,

Papa ki voh daat jisey sunte hi rona aata hai,

Bhai-behan se har voh kiya mazaak joh yaad aate hi hasaata hai,

Kaise jaega dil tod ke khud ka bhi aur inn sab ka bhi?

Hai joh tere bade-bade armaan,

Sapne joh hai adhoore,

Soch le, Chala gaya toh kabhie naa ho paenge poore.

Arey, itna kya ghayal kar diya inn zakhmo ne,

Joh tune haar hi maan li.

Ek baar uth kar, lad kar toh dekh

itna toh hai tu balshali.

Abhi toh zindagi ne khelna shuru kiya hai , 

Bina apni baazi chale kyu haar maan raha hai?

Ek daav chal ke toh dekh, 

Kya pata usi me teri jeet aur pareshaaniyo ki haar ho jaaye!




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  1. बहुत ही संवेदनशील मुद्दे पे आपने अपनी बात अच्छे तरीके से व्यक्त की है। बस देवनागरी लिपि की कमी थोड़ी खटकी

  2. किस्मतवालो को मिलता है इंसान होने का सुख
    उसे मज़ाक में मिटा खुदा का मज़ाक न बना
    लायी थी वो कितने जतन से इस जहाँ में तुझे
    तेरे जाते वो भी हो जाएगी इस जहाँ से फ़ना

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