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Hey little child,
where are you going with a feeble mind?
Stay in my arms, in front of me,
where you are mine and I am yours, only.

I will keep you safe, away from here in a world another.
The world; It’s a treacherous place for a child to be alone.
Duped smiles and hoax stories roam around,
nasty souls with foul tongues are easily found.
Oh, kid, it’s not a safe place to be alone, it is jinxed.

They say some words to you
and you forget all my lessons.
Their words provide breath to you
and then you suffocate in mine.
All of a sudden you are a friend of them,
and in only my memories, our friendship lies.

I am not your foe, my friend.
I am not wrong to stop you in the light.
It is those who take you to dark and make you stop,
it is them who are corrupting your lovely life.
I love and care for you since day one.
I wish for you to reach great heights.
It is them who drag you low
and try winning the race
before you move.

Stay with me, hold my hands,
your fingers are warm, in my skin,
even when the weather is cold.
The world sure is a wonderful place to be,
But don’t be alone, until you are too small.

Stay with me, I will walk you along the paths
you must cover,
maybe adorned in the dust or in the feather.
Let me untangle the path for you to walk,
let me fight the world while you make some friends,
let me hear the cussed while you dance to your music,
let me cry making you laugh,
let me let you live your young days peacefully.

Stay with me, hold my hands.
Believe in me, I am yours,
All they say is absurd and false.
In your happiness lies my contentment,
let me be contented, while my eyes are still open.
That is all I crave for, for you to shine,
even when the world is dark.

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