Away From Home

Far from home,
Amidst dearest pals.
Food was missed,
Sweet memories were ringing bells.

Excelling in life,
Made him smile.
With whom to share?
He was alone on an isle.

Friends are the family you choose,
He propitiated himself.
Shared a piece of heart,
Faking the smiles is an art.

Day by day,
He grew bigger.
With jealousy taking birth,
He was under the trigger.

Craving for the feast,
Friends demanded.
Secured currency was
Again located.

“Return before the sun goes down”
Murmured the brain voice of the dear mother,
Could not listen in the noises of other.

In the dark jungle,
The packed car stopped.
Astounded by surrounding,
He demands to return home.

Beaten by jealousy, hatred and false friendship
He knocked off.
Opened his eyes next morning,
Just to find himself all alone.

Tears rushed over the wet scars,
He looked like he came from a war.
In the silence of nature,
Trembling voice arrived
“Mother, I want to come home,
Without you I can’t survive.”


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