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    Help them bloom!

      Whenever someone asks your feedback, try to be as much positive as you can be. Obviously, do not negate the mistakes. Point them out in a decent fashion. Once a person starts thinking he or she is best, they will restrict themselves from growing. It will stunt their achievements. Growing is never enough. You can always get better. Point out the things they can work on. Tell them to get better but not that they are worst. Give them hope, don’t steal it from them. A bud not showered with water and love would resist blooming. If it is not good enough, how would it ever be if they…

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    When the world will be asleep drowned in their dreams, you will be awake to work for your dream. When the people will be entertaining themselves, you will be entertaining your books. When everyone will be watching movies, you will be making content for your biography. When no one will have faith in you, you would not leave yourself alone. You will never stop believing yourself. When everyone will be laughing at your failure, instead of crying you will be working hard to glorify your parents’ name again. When people will be narrating stories of their success, you will look for inspiration and not grief. When people will be telling you what you cannot do, with ears closed you…

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    Everyone has got an English fever.

    Let me start with an incident that happened some days back. I was with my friend (Let’s call her ‘A’) and A’s friend (Let’s call her Mandodra) in a cafe. The table was embellished with half-filled coffee cups, devouringly eaten food. We were casually chit-chatting in Hindi. Mandodra notices her ex-classmate entering the cafe. She waves a hello and beckons him to come. He came near us. All of a sudden, she started talking in English- in a fake accent. Mandodra- Hey! Long time no see. Ex-Classmate(Smiles)- Hello, Yes. M- Howz you? What’s going on in your life? The boy took time in replying. He was hesitant to reply in English. M- Ok,…

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    From One Sibling To Another

    You made me believe I was an adoptee, Who was found in between the litter, Scavenging food with unknown three, But you loved me like a real brother. I loathed you for being annoying, You hated me for the same, I could never found a reason to love But you taught me there is love in hate. You never moved when I needed a favour, You never promised me the sky, But you were there when I was about to die. I never heard a praise from you, I am ugly, lazy, crazy according to you. But proudly, bragging about me I have seen you. Yes, you annoy. Yes, my…

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    The Undelivered Letter

    This is a fictional letter from an adult son who lives in a different city, to a mother. Haan hai fikar mujhe, Bohot kam nahi zyada hai, Kaise batau khone ke khyaal se bhi, Phoot-phoot ke rona aa jaata hai. Mann karta hai ki har waqt saath rahoon, Ek pal bhi zindagi kaa jaane naa doo, Rahoon saath, mehsoos karoon, isi waqt ka aanand loon. Par jakad kar rakh rakhaa hai kuch zimmedariyon ne mujhe. Yaad hai mujhe bachpan ka har ek kissa. Dil me basa hai sab mere, Haan Karta hai mann ki jee paau vaise hi. Saath hou tumhare, mamta ki chaav mein, Bina kisi chinta, kisi tanaav…

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    Kickout the sadness!

    When you have a thousand reasons to be glad why to shed tears for a minute thing? The reason of yours might not be petite but it sure is a granule in front of the reasons to smile! Expunge it from the awe-inspiring life of yours. Let not the gloomy reason steal your shiny life. Dump the darkness, Switch on the lights. Smile so brightly that blackness won’t get a place to reside in your well-lightened room of life. Merriment is beckoning you, get out of the firm grip of sadness. Guldaste mein khushiyon ke, Yeh kaisa murjaaya phool hai? Naa deta khushboo, Naa ulhaas, Iska toh vajood fizool hai.…

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    Umeed ki zara si chingari Andheri soch me ujaala kar deti hai, Sthir labon par muskan paida kar deti hai, Namm aankhon ko narmata se ponch deti hai. Yeh mera sapna, Meri umeed hai. Jab umeed me hi itna bal hai; Toh iski hakikatat kitni takatwar hogi! उम्मीद की ज़रा सी चिंगारी अंधेरी सोच में उजाला कर देती है, स्थिर लबों पर मुस्कान पैदा कर देती है, नम आंखों को नर्मता से पोंछ देती है। यह मेरा सपना, मेरी उम्मीद है, जब उम्मीद मे इतना बल है, तो इसकी हकीकत कितनी ताकतवर होगी!

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    Inn Bandh darwaazo par kitni hi dastak dedo, Sapno ki goonj me hum toh behre ho chuke hai. Duniyaa shaant hui nahi,  Toh humne inki hi aawaaz badha li.     इन बन्द दरवाज़ो पर कितनी ही दस्तक देदो, सपनो की गून्ज मे हम तो बहरे हो चुके है । दुनिया शान्त हुई नही, तो मैने इनक़ी ही आवाज बढ़ा ली ।

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      He was a National-level-player, People admired him, Parents were proud. A friend of his was a fan of alcohol, None admired him, Satan was proud. One day, A house exploded! Jealousy of one killed the other.

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    To People, For People.

    There’s an old saying- Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never consider yourself the tallest. Don’t bend your nape downwards to look upon people, look in front. That is where everyone is; on an equal level. Everyone knows something that you don’t. Everyone has had experiences quite different from yours. Everyone’s cake of wisdom has dissimilar icing than yours. Everyone has a dexterity they are a master at. Everyone deserves the love and respect that you have kept to yourself. Throwing hurting words on them is not a joke; shaming is not funny.  Your harsh words may cause pain to them like a knife in the heart at nights and…

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