Distraction and Ambition.

A single thought of it gives you a beaming ear to ear smile. And all the dreams you have at night of what happens what achieving it? Amazing, Right? Dream, Ambition, Goal, Call it whatever. It drives you crazy untill you score it. It sure is a magnet attracting you towards itself. But there are other magnets too, yanking you towards a different direction- The Distractions.

That ‘ping’ sound from your mobile phone, Continuous pestering of your friend to join him in visiting the newly opened cafe, The festivals, Concerts, Movies, and almost everything in the Universe tries to distract you, To make you get off your path.

Who doesn’t have distractions? We all have- of every degree. Distractions test your loyalty towards your dream. And you my friend, Can clear the test with flying colours if you try to. It’s tough but not unachievable and your dream is worth of a tough fight between you and your little attractive enemies.

The path to the goal is challenging. All you need to carry is hard word, Courage and dedication to walk through it. The load is heavy but will assist you in the long way. Dive into the work with the doors closed to everyone. Let no one and no thing come in between. Your goal now is a thought and you can turn it into reality. Become deserving and get rewarded by the best prize. Don’t have cordial relationship with your distractions, A rival is always a rival.

The things or people distracting you will remind you of your failure every second when you would not be able to achieve it. Distractions devour your time. Don’t waste your precious hours in getting distracted, While you walk at your own pace, Time flies.

Give yourself a treat, Achieve your goal.

Good Luck.

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  1. Very inspiring post Gaurvi. Two quotes, which I liked most in this post.

    1. While you walk at your own pace, time flies.
    2. Distractions test your loyalty towards your dream.

  2. Nice post. Yes, we should work hard, ignore distractions. Success is 99% hardwork. It is also important to know not everyone is successful despite hardwork. It is also important to manage disappointments and be prepared to work harder if we fail.

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