From One Sibling To Another

You made me believe I was an adoptee,
Who was found in between the litter,
Scavenging food with unknown three,
But you loved me like a real brother.

I loathed you for being annoying,
You hated me for the same,
I could never found a reason to love
But you taught me there is love in hate.

You never moved when I needed a favour,
You never promised me the sky,
But you were there when I was about to die.

I never heard a praise from you,
I am ugly, lazy, crazy according to you.
But proudly, bragging about me I have seen you.

Yes, you annoy.
Yes, my things you destroy.
At times, I donโ€™t even want to be with you.
But you are my dear sibling and I love you.

Share with your sibling if you can relate! ๐Ÿ™‚


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