Get Your Life Together

Hello beautiful people!
This post is going to be about a challenge Get Your Life Together. You may have heard about this before. If you do a certain thing for some time, it becomes a habit. So, let us make some great habits. In this challenge, I am going to set up a goal for each week and will work hard to achieve it(Maybe).

My goals for the next 7 weeks-
Week One- Sleep.
Week Two- Food.
Week Three- Self Care.
Week Four- Relationships.
Week Five- Happiness.
Week Six- Learn something every day.
Week Seven- A New Skill.

Week One- Sleep begins from tonight!

The first week aims at-

  • Sleeping at least for 8 hours. (easy peasy lemon squeezy)
  • Sleeping at a normal time. (I may fail)
  • Proper skin care before sleeping. (Consider it done)
  • No gadgets before 30 minutes of bedtime. (Do not share memes to me at night😢)

The most difficult one for me will be the first week. I usually sleep between 3:00 to 4:00 AM. So, imagine how difficult it would be to sleep early. Shit, I really need to work on my sleeping schedule. All of my night owl friends, I will miss you. 🙁
For a week, I will sleep at 10 PM 😱 and wake up at 6 AM. I will shut down my phone and laptop at 9:30 PM and I will read a book before sleeping (yayy). Let’s see if I can do this. Wish me luck. 💙

I will make a blog post on how well did I perform after a week, i.e., 2nd March 2019.
You too can join me in this Get Your Life Together challenge if you are interested. It will be fun! Let’s make ourselves better. Good luck to you too if you are accepting the challenge.

Have an awesome day! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Get Your Life Together

  1. Hey! All the very best for this challenge. I know you’ll perform well. I really want to join you in this challenge but nowadays it’s impossible for me. Maybe I’ll inspire by you and will join you later.

  2. Incredible! This blog looks just like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject
    but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Wonderful
    choice of colors!

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