Help them bloom!


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Whenever someone asks your feedback, try to be as much positive as you can be. Obviously, do not negate the mistakes. Point them out in a decent fashion. Once a person starts thinking he or she is best, they will restrict themselves from growing. It will stunt their achievements. Growing is never enough. You can always get better. Point out the things they can work on. Tell them to get better but not that they are worst. Give them hope, don’t steal it from them. A bud not showered with water and love would resist blooming. If it is not good enough, how would it ever be if they stop? Motivate the newbie. For a novice, there is a lot to explore, a lot to try hands-on and a lot to excel in. No one gets perfect in a few attempts. Success demands patience, determination, and courage. Everyone has potential, It’s courageous of them to find it and start working on it. Respect their courage. Smile, hold their hand and help them walk the strenuous path slowly. Tell them they are doing good. Don’t kill an artist at birth. Be honest with them, just not brutally. Let him or her unfold themselves in front of you slowly yet beautifully. Look at them growing step by step. Be a good part of their stories. Fill them with positivity. Let them enjoy their growth.
Be a beautiful person, help. 🌈

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  1. Wonderful post. 🙏 Correctly said every word keep writing. Checked many of your posts could not stop myself. You are a great person from within as well. Looking forward to read more from you😉

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