How to become better than yesterday?

What if you are sorrowful from a few days and Dalai Lama knocks at your door, pats on your shoulder and shows you the secret path to happiness?
What if you are having a business-related problem and Bill Gates calls you and tells you the solution?
What if you are having trouble with mathematics and Ramanujan comes, to make it easy for you?
What if all of a sudden you are worried about the unpredictability of death and a man, aged 100 years whispers his secrets to you?
What if you are trying to have a muscular body and Khali appears to help you out?
Life would be so fabulous, right? You will have the guidance of the people best in their domains.

You are average of five people you spend most of your time with,” says Jim Rohn.
We all have a certain perspective on things. We form our perspective and opinions from people around us and our experiences. But how many people can be around us and how much can we experience and learn? Do our sources need to be limited? No.
People around us have a great part in shaping us. It is human nature to adapt. You may not realize it but you become some percent of people with whom you spend your time.
• A person is likely to adapt the habit of drinking/smoking if his or her friends are drinkers and smokers.
• Do you remember how in 6th grade almost everyone bought a Reynolds Trimax pen?
• If all your friends play video games all the time, you are likely to become an addict too.
• Teachers force weak students to spend time with the first benchers so that they can inculcate their habits.
• And so many other real-life examples, think about them!

There is a rule of 33%. You should spend 33% of your time around people lower than you. You can become their mentor and teach them the things you have learned. Also, they help you by making you feeling good about yourself as you will know there are people doing worse than you are. Then, 33% with people who are on your level. These become your friends. And the last 33%, the most important part is around people many years ahead than you. They are more successful and experienced than you. They have to be 10 times better than you are. They will make you feel uncomfortable. That is exactly what you need to grow.
There are so many great people in the world who are a lot of times better than you are. But the problem is, if you have a business plan, you cannot call Bill Gates and ask him for advice. Suppose he gives you a piece of great advice and now you want some guidance related to the things which Bill Gates is not an expert of? I mean no one person has all the answers, What will you do?
Here come the superheroes to the rescue– Books!
These great people have written some great books. They have included-
• The ideas you are looking for,
• The great advice,
• Their experiences,
• Their mindset,
• Their struggles,
• Their solutions,
• And a lot of other things.
A person shares his or her secrets more comfortably and precisely in writing than in speaking. When you read the books, you get an easy entrance into the minds of the authors. You were sitting in an empty room and now suddenly so many prominent people surround you.

Eminent personalities like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Cuban read books. They read a lot and this common habit of theirs has helped them significantly in every aspect of life. Warren Buffet reads 500 pages a day. Mark Cuban reads 3 hours a day. Bill Gates reads 50 books a year.
Read 500 pages every day. That’s how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest. All of you can do it, but I guarantee not many of you will do it.” Says Warren Buffet.
Bill Gates shares that reading is still the main way that he learns new things and tests his understanding. He always has a book with him wherever he goes.
I read anything and everything… I read three or four books at a time. I go to bookstores when I’m in London or America. I get a coffee and keep browsing for hours—something I can’t do in India. I come back home with a bagful of books. I’m always stopped at customs as they think I’m carrying some heavy electronic items!” -Shah Rukh Khan

Reading opens your mind. It makes you look at things from the perspective other than yours. It extends your thinking. It is important for your growth as a person. Every day you have an opportunity to learn a lot. It is on you how much you want to learn.

Start reading 100 pages a day. Read before you sleep instead of spending time on social media if time is an issue. Having no time for reading is an excuse. Make it your top priority for some time and you as well as the people around you will start noticing the difference.

There are so many great books out there. Remember, when you are reading trashy Facebook statuses, there are people reading those great books and learning things. Invest your time wisely.
I will suggest some great books in the next blog post. Don’t forget to check that out as well.
Share your booklist with me in the comments, send an e-mail or message me on any social platform. Have a great day! <3

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