India's Education System

Sometimes I wish to throw this education system out of this world!  Maybe it’s making our lives but it’s wrecking our lives as well!! Sit in isolation, Take a deep breath and then ask yourself why are you studying or why did you study? To get good marks or to gain knowledge? Former will be the answer for most of you. Because since childhood it has been put in our head that you have to score well. In school, Every year we’re taught the ways to write answers in a way to impress the examiner, Teachers tell us the questions which will come up in exams, What topic is important and what’s not. For everyone marks have become the S.I. unit of measuring one’s intelligence. It does not matter how well do you know but it does matter how well do you score! Studying is a very beautiful activity to gain knowledge and it should be done with a pure motive of learning instead of “scoring well.”

In this era of hidden hell, We’re called independent. Unfortunately, We’re not. Yes, you read it precisely; We are not. We are bound to do what society wants from us, Expects from us. We’re just a body following others, Doing what they want and beneath us resides a sad soul who wants to stop us from doing that but cannot because our soul is frail in front of the massive, gigantic, giant group of people who we merely know- The Society. We’re surrounded by them. We’re badly trapped in this venomous atmosphere of Education. Education is undoubtedly necessary but it’s the way how people treat it which is certainly wrong. The most disturbing thing is that teachers teach their students tips to get good marks and how to write in an exam before exams. It’s like the only thing that matters is grades, marks. Our Education system emphasizes more on grades rather than knowledge.

After giving millions of exams throughout your life you reach a phase where you have to work to earn money to help yourself and your family survive. Work all your life and when you get tired and take a nap from life, Society will come and judge you again. Under all this stress, Some students prefer quitting; Quitting the game of life. They end themselves with giving a lesson to their parents, to us which some people fail to decrypt. 

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  1. Very logically analyzed and am totally agree with you.
    Society will come to judge you again after retirement….this one is so much true.
    Few days ago i have written a post on this same issue in my other blog.

  2. So true, it’s like society is trained a certain way but the cycle can be broken. People quit because of fear and fear comes from failure but failure is the only thing that brings success. Questions brings answers and we already know the answers, they are simply hidden behind options. Smart post, you’re a smart person!! It’s like this all over the world. 🌏

  3. Absolutely! Our education system sucks, teachers focusing on marks rather than learning, and this is not the way how things are taught, they are constantly killing many dreams by doing such thing . I really appreciate this, very well written Gaurvi.💯🙌

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