In what world do we live?
Is it the hell that we reside in?
What did we do? What were our sins?
That we are surrounded by demons,
As in our people, our kith, and kin.

I wonder what a kid would have done.
A young life with dreams within,
She must be had hopes to change the world,
But how in seconds, her existence got changed by the evil.

My mother held my wrist,
Right before opening the main door,
Handled me my weapons,
Didn’t let me go without my armor,
The fear of her killed our freedom,
Hindranced our ways,
Chained our hearts; the fear of demon.

Life is not unfair,
It’s those monsters that ruin it,
How incredible our smile was,
Because the darkness had faded in.

How would we live,
How would we laugh,
With the pain and fear etched in
Our dishearten hearts.

Clenched our nerves,
Wounded our hearts,
In the masks of brutality,
It’s humanity I couldn’t found apart.

I thought to give up,
Lose in front of the dark,
Before surrendering,
My soul shouted out loud,
It’s not just you losing,
It’s you with the good human crowd.
I restrained to lose,
I stood up with shoulders broad,
Not just me, we would win,
Against the wicked, clear and loud.

Gaurvi Sharma

You can write a letter to our Prime Minister regarding the issue-


Hope things will get better.


Thank you for reading!

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0 thoughts on “#JusticeForAsifa

  1. Made me weep. Such an excellent writer you are. Very aptly chosen words and very well displayed the emotions. You are already a great writer in a young age, hope you’ll get great achievements that you deserve. Keep writing. Yes, we, future are strong we’ll fight against these people.

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