Lessons From A House Mom

My mother silently taught me so many things I am now thankful for. On this auspicious day of mothers, I would like to share the teachings of my mother.
She reminds me of my strengths when I grieve about my weaknesses. One day, diffidently, I showed one of my write-ups to my mother. She loved it. She asked me to post it somewhere. I hesitated but in the end, I had to post it out of parental pressure. A few liked it. I started writing more and more and learned a few things. I am not great at it at all and I was worse at that time but it was my mother who believed in me, it was she who encouraged me to not quit before even starting. She asked me who would believe in you if not yourself.

She wipes my tears with happiness when I sob. One day I was crying because I did not get decent marks and a distant family member said something unkind to me. This sounds stupid I know. My mother detected it and she told me it is not so important to score well always, it is important to learn. She convinced me that I did fine and lighted my heavy heart.

She merrily empties her basket to fill mine. How many times she has sacrificed for me. Whenever I look at her, I learn the most precious lesson every time, the family is the best thing one can have. A mother is a true lover, and the one who is beloved is luckiest of all.
Her commitment to kindness has always inspired me. It is due to her inner beauty I dream of becoming a better version of me, a kinder version and that is she. She has always been generous to all the people irrespective of anything at all and nourished people in all the manners she could. She smiles for others and cries for them too.

She told me since I was a child, do not treat someone badly and do not let anyone treat you badly. If no one deserves to be mistreated, neither do you. She taught me to be grateful for all I have (A few clothes to wear). That is to cut my expenditures maybe. And the most precious lesson I have learned from my mother (according to her) is to fill water bottles after emptying them. I am still learning. She is happy for all of my little accomplishments; she is proud of me. Strive for more but celebrate the process.

She has always inculcated in me her righteous teachings. She never forced her opinions on me. In the end, she leaves it on me to take a decision unless it is a trip with friends outside the town. My mother is concerned because I will be on top of kidnapper’s client list because I am a perfect kidnapping material. But I think I am giving wrong signals to an innocent kidnapper. All I have is a few clothes, jokes and a phone which again has pictures of clothes, jokes and of course me.

She is not just a mother to me, but my best friend too. Mother, you have done parenting perfectly. It could not be any better and I want to tell you I am proud of you too. You inspire me to become a superhero like you. Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear a beautiful saree with stains of pizza sauce (Oh, I love Pizza).

What have you learned from your mother? Do you fill water bottles? According to me and House Mom, you should.

Have a great day and make your sure your mother has a good day too. 🙂

A few poems for mothers-

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  1. Wow! You expressed your love for the mom in a very beautiful way. I Love it. I’ll share this with my Mummy, she will be so happy. 💙💙💙 And yes, I fill water bottles.

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