To the perils of demons,
She always became the prey,
Her eyes shed the sorrow in silent,
Her rainbow world had become grey.

An epitome of beauty,
a pioneer of her realm,
All have been shadowed
By deep scars of her past.

Vexatious marks on wrists,
Profound scratches that she still endures,
Banishing of angst through grinding teeth and taut fists,
Illness of mental health which she yet procures.

Ashamed, fragile, broken in pieces
Constricted to a block in a dark corner,
Where the lights struggle to reach,
She has planned a times the lessons she
Aspires to courageously teach.

Shallow brains, empty hearts, nasty eyes,
Gruesome bodies,
All against which the victims have risen up
To make them fall, drag them down,
to make them plead while they crawl.

Hearts strong, eyes no more watery,
Lips have been singing the sounds
Of bravery.
Our beauty was never to blame.
We have hid ourselves a lot;
it’s time for #YouToo to cover your nasty
eyes in the pool of shame.

41 thoughts on “#MeToo

  1. “it’s time for #YouToo to cover your nasty
    eyes in the pool of shame.” The ending is so perfect, so sound; it sums up the entire problem that led to the rise of #MeToo.

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