Mother, don’t send me away.

Mother, don’t send me away.
Oh yes, it sounds absurd and
But I am not a grown up
for you, am I?

I feel so secured
and warm and easy
when you are around.
I know you are there,
to protect me
from all the bad in the world.
All the monsters, all the demons
about whom I have only heard.

I know and you know
that I am fragile.
Like a child born yesterday,
I am too feeble to be away.
Do not ever send me far from you.
Without you, my heart would just beat.
And I will live just like a person on a machine.

Who will feed me when
I wouldn’t feel like eating?
Who will cure my illnesses,
When there would be no doctor around?
Who will listen to all my stories
even the ones, which are so-
tedious to be heard?
Who will ask if I am okay
even after every small sickness?
Who would bear me
the way you do?
Who would love me
the way you do?

I don’t want anyone other.
You are the best version
of you.
I cannot ask anyone better,
When I have you.
So please,
for the infinite years of us living,
do not for a single second,
think to part us.
With me, you are staying here,
for this year,
and another and another
and another…

Thank you for reading! ❤️

Share with your mother and make her accept this agreement. 😛

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