When the world will be asleep drowned in their dreams, you will be awake to work for your dream. When the people will be entertaining themselves, you will be entertaining your books. When everyone will be watching movies, you will be making content for your biography. When no one will have faith in you, you would not leave yourself alone. You will never stop believing yourself. When everyone will be laughing at your failure, instead of crying you will be working hard to glorify your parents’ name again. When people will be narrating stories of their success, you will look for inspiration and not grief. When people will be telling you what you cannot do, with ears closed you will be listening to your heart. No matter how hard you fall, YOU WILL RISE UP AND SHINE AGAIN!
Do you promise?
Remember, you are never too young to dream and never too old to fulfill.


Thank you for reading. Have an awesome and productive day! 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Promise!

  1. Very motivational post gaurvi. Thank you.i also loved the quote. I am saving it in my gallery
    Wish you good luck keep writing

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