What is Success? It is a victory against challenges, a revenge with failures, a provocation to haters, a gift to loved ones, a fuel that will energize you for your future achievements, a triumph that will remind you of your potential. It is an absolute achievement. It is not easy to attain success but it is worth the hard work, the dedication, time you put. Everyone’s path to success has rocks but it is the one who climbs over them wins. The atmosphere around is 80% demotivation but it is one who concentrates on 20% who wins. Success is not easy, neither it was for the famous personalities who were a common man someday.

This is a war,

Between you and The World,

Between your potential and others’ belief,

Between your hopes and failure.

You are not alone,

Not alone on your side,

Look around, you will find me.

I was never gone, I’ll never be.

Endeavour for success,

Value the time,

Do not be dragged by foes,

Just some days, then you’ll be fine.

This is you,

In battlefield,

Against The World

And you must win.

Good luck! 🙂

25 thoughts on “Success!

  1. Remarkable! You really deserve huge applause for this post. Most people in our society perceive success in terms of materialistic possession, altogether different from reality.
    You have redefined it very well.😊

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