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    Hey little child, where are you going with a feeble mind?Stay in my arms, in front of me, where you are mine and I am yours, only. I will keep you safe, away from here in a world another. The world; It’s a treacherous place for a child to be alone.Duped smiles and hoax stories roam around, nasty souls with foul tongues are easily found.Oh, kid, it’s not a safe place to be alone, it is jinxed. They say some words to youand you forget all my lessons.Their words provide breath to youand then you suffocate in mine.All of a sudden you are a friend of them, and in only…

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    To the perils of demons, She always became the prey, Her eyes shed the sorrow in silent, Her rainbow world had become grey. An epitome of beauty, a pioneer of her realm, All have been shadowed By deep scars of her past. Vexatious marks on wrists, Profound scratches that she still endures, Banishing of angst through grinding teeth and taut fists, Illness of mental health which she yet procures. Ashamed, fragile, broken in pieces Constricted to a block in a dark corner, Where the lights struggle to reach, She has planned a times the lessons she Aspires to courageously teach. Shallow brains, empty hearts, nasty eyes, Gruesome bodies, All against…

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    The Trapped Bird

    To my whim to fly, My heart nods a yes While my owners deny. My wings striving to take my first flight, Unfortunately, I am prisoned in a golden cage tight. I wonder when did I sell myself, In return, I got nothing but a gold cage, Is my worth lower to a rummage? Till the last day of my life, Will this monotonous be my life’s page? The sky above enchants me to Break the bars, Get no victory, left with scars, Trees are obnoxious about my arrival, What outside the home, will be my boon to survival? Sky rains, shine, tires and sleep, I here stare into the…

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