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    That Child On The Street

    On a radiant day,Passing by a local streetI see a kid with plentiful goodies,Persistently trying to get them soldEyes are dry, not moistened with hope. Gets abused for working hard,Jerked off like it’s his routine’s part.Barefoot in the grueling heat,With every denial, his heart silently weeps. Empty stomach, heart contented with sorrow,He drags his body, seeking a better tomorrow,He demands no toys, no clothes, no wealthy possessions,He is just on a quest,to feed himself with food and love. That’s all he asks for. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    The Trapped Bird

    To my whim to fly, My heart nods a yes While my owners deny. My wings striving to take my first flight, Unfortunately, I am prisoned in a golden cage tight. I wonder when did I sell myself, In return, I got nothing but a gold cage, Is my worth lower to a rummage? Till the last day of my life, Will this monotonous be my life’s page? The sky above enchants me to Break the bars, Get no victory, left with scars, Trees are obnoxious about my arrival, What outside the home, will be my boon to survival? Sky rains, shine, tires and sleep, I here stare into the…

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    An Ode To Fathers!

    Jeb mein paise kam, Dil mein pyaar zyada hai. Bachche ki harr maang se, Papa ka dil pighal jaata hai. “Saare tere sapnon ko kishton mein poora kar doonga, Kuch waqt dede mujhe beta, Iss duniya ko teri mutthi me bhar doonga.”   Jaane kyun log papa ke naam se kaanp jaate hai, Unke aakrosh ki narmahat shayad voh naa baanp paate hai. Halki si daant bhi pita ki, humein kuch yuh sanwaar deti hai, Kuch boojhi-uljhi si zindagi ko humaari, ek saaf mod dikha deti hai.   Vishwas naa ho itna sachcha karte hai papa pyar tumse, Chaahe toh rahe khud sukoon se; magar itni mehnat kar, din bhar…

  • Poems,  Social Awareness


    In what world do we live? Is it the hell that we reside in? What did we do? What were our sins? That we are surrounded by demons, As in our people, our kith, and kin. I wonder what a kid would have done. A young life with dreams within, She must be had hopes to change the world, But how in seconds, her existence got changed by the evil. My mother held my wrist, Right before opening the main door, Handled me my weapons, Didn’t let me go without my armor, The fear of her killed our freedom, Hindranced our ways, Chained our hearts; the fear of demon. Life…

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    The Dream Road

    Hey everyone! This one is about a girl who has two options in front of her. One is wanted by her, other by her kith and kin. Let’s see what she chooses.   In front of her, There were options two. One to shine in the eyes of the known, Other to make her hero of her own. Less traveled the path another was, And hectic the road not of her dreams was. The path she wanted to choose, Did nothing but stare, Against to which she was, People pushed her into its sphere. The push was in the path unwanted, The other was as free as air. Oh, how…

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    Victims of Inhumanity

    The poem is dedicated to people who are suffering the crisis in Syria. The speaker of these lines is a child who was killed in the war. The poem is written in the form of an address to his mother who died too. Agar khul jaaye neend tumhari, Toh mujhe bhi jaga dena maa, Kaafi chhote khaai hai maine, Zara marham unn par laga dena maa, Sehma mera mann hai maa, Thoda, thapthapa dena, Zakhm nahi par, dard jaega, Tumhare sparsh se, Shayad mera dard kam ho jaega maa. Garam swadishth khaana, Apne haatho se bana dena maa. Bhook lagi hai bahut, Tum pyaar se khila dena maa. Pehle ki…

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    Words Of An Unborn Child

    In the womb of the mother, Inside my first home, I feel so loved, I feel so secured. Contented with the love Showered by my loving ones, I kick a little harder, Look, how happy they have become! Says dad, he will be a football-er. I wonder how my father knows I am he? My identity is even unknown to me. I may be a boy they adore or a girl of whom they never thought. Every now and then there’s a hand to caress my shield, to show love to; to bless, my little body in the building process. They care, and love me a lot, wish, I reach…

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    Away From Home

    Far from home, Amidst dearest pals. Food was missed, Sweet memories were ringing bells. Excelling in life, Made him smile. With whom to share? He was alone on an isle. Friends are the family you choose, He propitiated himself. Shared a piece of heart, Faking the smiles is an art. Day by day, He grew bigger. With jealousy taking birth, He was under the trigger. Craving for the feast, Friends demanded. Secured currency was Again located. “Return before the sun goes down” Murmured the brain voice of the dear mother, Could not listen in the noises of other. In the dark jungle, The packed car stopped. Astounded by surrounding, He…

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