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    Do kadam ki doori hai bas, Aur vahan rehta mera bhai hai,Paraye bhi juda na kar sake jisey,Uss rishtey me dooriya apno ne laayi hai. Arey unn din toh hum garam halaaton me bhi, mauj me hua karte the.Shhor tha sheher me toh hum mandir-mazjido me shaanti dhoonda karte the.Mai subah pooja me yaad karta unhe, voh har shaam namaz padha karta tha,Naa khuda milta, naa ishwar hum aapas me hi sukoon paaya karte the. Bandha hua tha desh jab, aur hum khul kar sapne dekha karte the,Vahan uss kone me hogi dono ki ek dukaan, befazul naam bhi rakha karte the.Ghar ird gird hi the, kabhi voh maa ki…

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    II. Bijli nahi hai ghar me, Tab bhi padh liya karte hai, Voh bhavishya se aasha rakh kar, Kitaabo me apni roshni dhoonda karte hai. – Gaurvi Sharma बिजली नहीं है घर में, तब भी पढ़ लिया करते है, वो भविष्य से आशा रख कर, किताबो में अपनी रौशनी ढूंढा करते है. -Gaurvi Sharma   Have a nice day! You can catch me up on- Instagram- Instagram| Gaurvi Sharma Instagram|MarkMyLetters Facebook- Gaurvi Sharma See you there! –

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    Hey everyone! From now onwards I’ll be posting a quote here every Saturday.  Here’s the one for today. सालों के इंतज़ार में आज को तुम खो दोगे, कितने आज को मिला कर ही तो तुम्हारे सालों बाद वाला कल ज़िंदा  है. Have a great day! You can catch me up on- Instagram- Instagram| Gaurvi Sharma Instagram|MarkMyLetters Facebook- Gaurvi Sharma

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    In what world do we live? Is it the hell that we reside in? What did we do? What were our sins? That we are surrounded by demons, As in our people, our kith, and kin. I wonder what a kid would have done. A young life with dreams within, She must be had hopes to change the world, But how in seconds, her existence got changed by the evil. My mother held my wrist, Right before opening the main door, Handled me my weapons, Didn’t let me go without my armor, The fear of her killed our freedom, Hindranced our ways, Chained our hearts; the fear of demon. Life…

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    The Dream Road

    Hey everyone! This one is about a girl who has two options in front of her. One is wanted by her, other by her kith and kin. Let’s see what she chooses.   In front of her, There were options two. One to shine in the eyes of the known, Other to make her hero of her own. Less traveled the path another was, And hectic the road not of her dreams was. The path she wanted to choose, Did nothing but stare, Against to which she was, People pushed her into its sphere. The push was in the path unwanted, The other was as free as air. Oh, how…

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    Victims of Inhumanity

    The poem is dedicated to people who are suffering the crisis in Syria. The speaker of these lines is a child who was killed in the war. The poem is written in the form of an address to his mother who died too. Agar khul jaaye neend tumhari, Toh mujhe bhi jaga dena maa, Kaafi chhote khaai hai maine, Zara marham unn par laga dena maa, Sehma mera mann hai maa, Thoda, thapthapa dena, Zakhm nahi par, dard jaega, Tumhare sparsh se, Shayad mera dard kam ho jaega maa. Garam swadishth khaana, Apne haatho se bana dena maa. Bhook lagi hai bahut, Tum pyaar se khila dena maa. Pehle ki…

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    Words Of An Unborn Child

    In the womb of the mother, Inside my first home, I feel so loved, I feel so secured. Contented with the love Showered by my loving ones, I kick a little harder, Look, how happy they have become! Says dad, he will be a football-er. I wonder how my father knows I am he? My identity is even unknown to me. I may be a boy they adore or a girl of whom they never thought. Every now and then there’s a hand to caress my shield, to show love to; to bless, my little body in the building process. They care, and love me a lot, wish, I reach…

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    Hello, Everyone! Have you ever wondered why don’t we all look same? Don’t bring in Science. Would there be beauty if all did look same? No. Diversity is beautiful, its unique, it’s amazing. Would not it be mundane to look same faces, sizes, colors around? Respect diversity. Different flaws are making us differently beautiful. Do not try to hide them or kill them, flaunt them. ♥ Have a great day, beautiful people! 🙂

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    An Older Childhood

        At an age of 80, My boyhood is back, Unleashed from duties, Divorced with stress. Heart craves for junk, Playing with kids seems fun, Mind innocently thinks, And I often forget my things. I weep a lot, Sometimes without a rhyme, or on a random thought. I laugh intensely, Even try to interpret serious things humorously. I love being surrounded, Suddenly an extrovert I have become, Loneliness scares me, The more, the merri-er. I want my mother every second, Just I can’t have her, But on every dear diary moment, I wish I was with her. I get sick easily, I need utmost care, I wish to rise…

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    From One Sibling To Another

    You made me believe I was an adoptee, Who was found in between the litter, Scavenging food with unknown three, But you loved me like a real brother. I loathed you for being annoying, You hated me for the same, I could never found a reason to love But you taught me there is love in hate. You never moved when I needed a favour, You never promised me the sky, But you were there when I was about to die. I never heard a praise from you, I am ugly, lazy, crazy according to you. But proudly, bragging about me I have seen you. Yes, you annoy. Yes, my…

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