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    That Child On The Street

    On a radiant day,Passing by a local streetI see a kid with plentiful goodies,Persistently trying to get them soldEyes are dry, not moistened with hope. Gets abused for working hard,Jerked off like it’s his routine’s part.Barefoot in the grueling heat,With every denial, his heart silently weeps. Empty stomach, heart contented with sorrow,He drags his body, seeking a better tomorrow,He demands no toys, no clothes, no wealthy possessions,He is just on a quest,to feed himself with food and love. That’s all he asks for. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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    Kahin Kuch Kho Gaya Hai.

    Kahin kuch kho gaya hai shayad, Daudte hue kab nange pero me joote aa gaye, Kab khulli jebo par taale aa gaye, Kab poochna chhod kar, bataana shuruu ho gaya, Iss badlaav me shayad kuch ghum sa ho gaya. Shayad bachpana hi khoya hai, Yeh masoom ab kuch bada hua hai, Hasna chhod kar, muskurana shuru hua hai, Rona bandh aur dukhi hona maamuli hua hai, Itni baagdaudh me shayad mera bachpana hi kahin laapata hua hai. -Gaurvi Sharma कहीं कुछ खो गया है शायद, दौड़ते हुए कब नंगे पैरों में जूतें आ गए, कब खुली जेबो पर ताले आ गए, कब पूछना छोड़, बताना आरंभ कर दिया, इस बदलाव…

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    Words Of An Unborn Child

    In the womb of the mother, Inside my first home, I feel so loved, I feel so secured. Contented with the love Showered by my loving ones, I kick a little harder, Look, how happy they have become! Says dad, he will be a football-er. I wonder how my father knows I am he? My identity is even unknown to me. I may be a boy they adore or a girl of whom they never thought. Every now and then there’s a hand to caress my shield, to show love to; to bless, my little body in the building process. They care, and love me a lot, wish, I reach…

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    Hello, Everyone! Have you ever wondered why don’t we all look same? Don’t bring in Science. Would there be beauty if all did look same? No. Diversity is beautiful, its unique, it’s amazing. Would not it be mundane to look same faces, sizes, colors around? Respect diversity. Different flaws are making us differently beautiful. Do not try to hide them or kill them, flaunt them. ♥ Have a great day, beautiful people! 🙂

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    The Undelivered Letter

    This is a fictional letter from an adult son who lives in a different city, to a mother. Haan hai fikar mujhe, Bohot kam nahi zyada hai, Kaise batau khone ke khyaal se bhi, Phoot-phoot ke rona aa jaata hai. Mann karta hai ki har waqt saath rahoon, Ek pal bhi zindagi kaa jaane naa doo, Rahoon saath, mehsoos karoon, isi waqt ka aanand loon. Par jakad kar rakh rakhaa hai kuch zimmedariyon ne mujhe. Yaad hai mujhe bachpan ka har ek kissa. Dil me basa hai sab mere, Haan Karta hai mann ki jee paau vaise hi. Saath hou tumhare, mamta ki chaav mein, Bina kisi chinta, kisi tanaav…

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    India's Education System

    Sometimes I wish to throw this education system out of this world!  Maybe it’s making our lives but it’s wrecking our lives as well!! Sit in isolation, Take a deep breath and then ask yourself why are you studying or why did you study? To get good marks or to gain knowledge? Former will be the answer for most of you. Because since childhood it has been put in our head that you have to score well. In school, Every year we’re taught the ways to write answers in a way to impress the examiner, Teachers tell us the questions which will come up in exams, What topic is important…

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