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    Hey little child, where are you going with a feeble mind?Stay in my arms, in front of me, where you are mine and I am yours, only. I will keep you safe, away from here in a world another. The world; It’s a treacherous place for a child to be alone.Duped smiles and hoax stories roam around, nasty souls with foul tongues are easily found.Oh, kid, it’s not a safe place to be alone, it is jinxed. They say some words to youand you forget all my lessons.Their words provide breath to youand then you suffocate in mine.All of a sudden you are a friend of them, and in only…

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    That Child On The Street

    On a radiant day,Passing by a local streetI see a kid with plentiful goodies,Persistently trying to get them soldEyes are dry, not moistened with hope. Gets abused for working hard,Jerked off like it’s his routine’s part.Barefoot in the grueling heat,With every denial, his heart silently weeps. Empty stomach, heart contented with sorrow,He drags his body, seeking a better tomorrow,He demands no toys, no clothes, no wealthy possessions,He is just on a quest,to feed himself with food and love. That’s all he asks for. Thank you for reading. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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