That Child On The Street

Street beggars. Many beg for themselves while others are controlled by bosses who take what the kids collect in return for food and shelter. None of the beggar children go to school. (Photo by robertwallis/Corbis via Getty Images)

On a radiant day,
Passing by a local street
I see a kid with plentiful goodies,
Persistently trying to get them sold
Eyes are dry, not moistened with hope.

Gets abused for working hard,
Jerked off like itโ€™s his routineโ€™s part.
Barefoot in the grueling heat,
With every denial, his heart silently weeps.

Empty stomach, heart contented with sorrow,
He drags his body, seeking a better tomorrow,
He demands no toys, no clothes, no wealthy possessions,
He is just on a quest,
to feed himself with food and love.
Thatโ€™s all he asks for.

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