The Dream Road

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This one is about a girl who has two options in front of her. One is wanted by her, other by her kith and kin. Let’s see what she chooses.


In front of her,

There were options two.
One to shine in the eyes of the known,
Other to make her hero of her own.

Less traveled the path another was,
And hectic the road not of her dreams was.
The path she wanted to choose,
Did nothing but stare,
Against to which she was,
People pushed her into its sphere.

The push was in the path unwanted,
The other was as free as air.
Oh, how stupid of she-
To look for a push around!
Just look within dear,
It is there, it always was loud.

The beginning may be sour but
The journey would be sweet,
Unless she chooses the road
Less preferred by her
imagined realities.

With eyes closed, she stepped
Into the dream doors,
Trod the leaves which
Dried waiting for the foot of known,
Tears moistened the deserted road,
Within no time, from the noise of happiness,
Prolonged silence amazingly broke.


We all have a dream. Only some of us pursue it. Before making others proud, make yourself proud. Do what you love, it may be difficult but can’t you fight tough for your love?


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