The Trapped Bird

Clicked by- Nawat Ngerncham

To my whim to fly,
My heart nods a yes
While my owners deny.
My wings striving to take my first flight,
Unfortunately, I am prisoned in a golden cage tight.

I wonder when did I sell myself,
In return, I got nothing but a gold cage,
Is my worth lower to a rummage?
Till the last day of my life,
Will this monotonous be my life’s page?

The sky above enchants me to
Break the bars,
Get no victory, left with scars,
Trees are obnoxious about my arrival,
What outside the home, will be my boon to survival?

Sky rains, shine, tires and sleep,
I here stare into the beauty of almighty,
Brooding to spread me into it,
Failure is my source of anxiety.

One day, if my faith is strong,
I’ll come to you dear lord,
Flying my soul, if not my body,
It’s my dream, close, cozy, beautiful and foggy.

-Gaurvi Sharma

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10 thoughts on “The Trapped Bird

  1. Very beautifuly penned gaurvi. “One day if my faith is strong, i’ll come to you dear lord!”
    Loved it so much.

    1. Thank you very much, Nitesh. Yes, sadly, it is similar to the condition of women in our society. Subscribe to the blog to stay connected. 🙂

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