Think but don’t overthink

Thinking is an exercise of wise, but overthinking makes you silly.

Story time!

There was once a man named Harry Houdini, a great magician. Once, he declared a bold statement- He claimed that he can break through any jail cell in the world. He put the condition that he would walk into the jail cell with casual clothes. He required just an hour to break the jail cell. An old jail accepted his challenge and invited him. Many people gathered outside the jail. Everyone was thrilled to see if Houdini could do it. He walked into the jail with confidence, and then into the cell. Jailor shut the metal doors behind him.
What do you think? Will he be able to do it?

He was clad in a tuxedo, all ready to show off his magical skills. He took out his coat and then, his belt. There was a 10-inch-piece of steel hidden in his belt. It was robust and flexible. He started working on the lock. In about thirty-minutes, the confident expression of Houdini faded into a grim expression and now he looked nervous. He was all in sweat and by the end of the given time, the master magician, this time, was lost. Disappointed Houdini, collapsed against the door, which then opened. It opened because it was never locked. But it was locked, it was cautiously locked by the best locksmith in the world, only in Houdini’s mind.
The door was never locked in reality.

In your life, how many doors you think are locked? How many chances do you have right in front of you but you don’t see them. Maybe your so-called-complicated problems have the simplest solutions. You think –
you can’t do it.
It is tough for you
But this is not the truth. This is just fear before the action. It is not so tough and yes you can do it. In fact, you can do anything, any other person can. You only need to put yourself into it. Anything that differentiates you from the other person who has achieved it is dedication and hard work. Like so many people, you can do it too. Don’t think too much. Like we observed in Houdini’s story, the only locked doors that exist are in your mind. In reality, they are wide open. And like everyone, you are welcome to walk through them.

How to not Overthink?

Okay, now that we know about the problem, let’s dig in to look for a solution.

1. What’s the trouble?

Find about the little situation that is giving you stress and anxiety. Now take a small break, inhale and exhale deeply peacefully. Smile. Clear your mind. Now, look again at your little trouble, are you responding correctly?

2. Think Positively.

Oh yes, things can go wrong. But things can go awesome too! And I want you to focus more on the possibility of an awesome result. Don’t be afraid of something that has not happened yet. Focussing on negative things that might happen, will only weaken you and won’t do any good. So don’t be harsh on yourself. Thinking about the positive result, it will boost you to perform. So, why not look at positive things?

3. Failure is not permanent.

If you have failed once, it does not mean you will never win again. Don’t make your own theories out of overthinking. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and it’s okay.

4. Be easy on yourself.

Have dreams but not so perfect ones. It’s fine to have one or two loopholes. Making unrealistic goals which can never be achieved will just give you trouble and a lot more stuff to think about. Maybe you are under no one’s but your pressure.

5. Go on an unplanned trip.

Without any plan, go on a short trip. Do things without any plan in the head. Do not so mainstream things. It will relieve you and you will have a beautiful day. It may teach you how wonderful your life can be if you think a little less than you usually do. Carry a few important things and dive into your unplanned adventure. I will elaborate this in my next blog post.

6. Share your problems.

Share your problems with people and know their perspective on it. It may ease things a little bit for you. If you are not comfortable, share them anonymously over the internet or with strangers in a cafe. But this is a risky venture, you may get worse pieces of advice. So, share with people you know, if you can.

Overthinking is common. It’s nothing but making your life complicated than it actually is. Things are not so bad as you see them to be. Be happy and relieved, you have nothing to worry about. Be grateful for what you already have and remember you are not less than anyone.

To quote..

I would like to end up this post with some quotes on overthinking for you. I don’t know about their writers.
1. You will never be free until you free yourself from the prison of your own false thoughts.
2. Sometimes the worst place you can be is in your mind.
3. Overthinking can be a cause of unhappiness.
4. Worrying is like sitting in a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

So, stop overthinking, whatever happens, happens. 🙂
Do let me know if you have more ideas to overcome overthinking.

Have a good day! ❤️

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