To People, For People.


There’s an old saying- Treat others the way you want to be treated. Never consider yourself the tallest. Don’t bend your nape downwards to look upon people, look in front. That is where everyone is; on an equal level. Everyone knows something that you don’t. Everyone has had experiences quite different from yours. Everyone’s cake of wisdom has dissimilar icing than yours. Everyone has a dexterity they are a master at. Everyone deserves the love and respect that you have kept to yourself. Throwing hurting words on them is not a joke; shaming is not funny.  Your harsh words may cause pain to them like a knife in the heart at nights and wet their pillows. Your insults may create a bad impression of theirs in their mind.  We all are beautiful, unique and diamond. Become a pioneer of the goodness, don’t let evilness reside in you.

And the other people, Accept yourselves. You are you and no one else is. Live you until you can.  In the end, it does not matter what others see, self-acceptance is the key! Blink on the bad vibes and enjoy the vista.

Over and out.

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