Why should everyone read Fiction?

Read Fiction.

It’s not what hands write;

It is written by hearts.

The reality is tough and sometimes unwanted. It’s not the world people choose to live in, it’s the world people are forced to live in. Your assignments are pending, Bills are unpaid and with your heart and pocket broken you want a pause in life. You just want a stress free break from the “Reality” and you want to live in the world you wish existed.

Fiction is a beautiful form of literature. The world you won’t wish to exit after entering. There is no restriction on imagination. Real life problems do not act as an obstacle here. It is a place where anything can happen! Animals can talk, Humans can bark, Sun can rise from West and set at East, People can have hair longer than they’re shown in Hair-Oil Ads. It is a home not only for humans but here also resides vampires, fairies, witches and infinite other characters you don’t know about yet. It gives you massages to relieve stress. It gives you a much-needed-break from tedious and monotonous life. It broadens your mind, entertains you, makes you smile or sometimes maybe cry, it gives you characters you will never forget. Fiction evinces the beauty of imagination. Often the fiction tales teaches you vital lessons of life.

Reading improves you. Be it fictional or non-fictional.

If you are not a reader, give it a try you won’t regret it. I don’t.


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