Words Of An Unborn Child

In the womb of the mother,
Inside my first home,
I feel so loved,
I feel so secured.

Contented with the love
Showered by my loving ones,
I kick a little harder,
Look, how happy they have become!
Says dad, he will be a football-er.

I wonder how my father knows I am he?
My identity is even unknown to me.
I may be a boy they adore or a girl of whom they never thought.

Every now and then there’s
a hand to caress my shield,
to show love to; to bless,
my little body in the building process.

They care, and love me a lot,
wish, I reach great heights,
excel in the desired field,
win difficult fights.
How lucky I am to have a family-
So lovely, so nice!

I hear the drops of nature,
The anger of the almighty!
Melodies of the bluebird,
Noises of the steaming pot.
I envisage to experience
The beautiful world,
I am about to step on.

“T’s a girl you will beget”
Said the doctor in a normal tone.
Unwillingly, I could hear the noise of shattering hearts of my darling souls.

“A boy was wanted, the girl has to be thrown.”
“Boys are better, girls are a trouble!
“Oh lord, what have you done?
We wanted to get blessed with a boy and you cursed with a girl.”,

My happiness was killed upon hearing the words!
Wrecked my dreams, those pungent words.

A day more I lived with my heavy heart,
just to hear a sentence so harsh,
“Terminate the pregnancy, doc., ” said my own mother.
“Maybe I can get a boy in gestation another.”

Awhile later, again I got to see,
faces of callous people shine,
how relieved their lives are,
after killing a life.

It deepened my agony,
broke my dead heart,
right when I needed,
no one carressed my broken parts.

Victim, I became
of a cold-blooded murder,

I was gifted a life,
that was taken away by consent of my dear mother.

-Gaurvi Sharma

Inspired by Sujata Bhatt’s The Unwanted Girl.

I apologize for posting late. Actually, I am stuck between exams. I’ll be regular after May.

Thanks for reading, people. ♥

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